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20-Sep-2017 21:05

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“Based on my understanding, toxic contamination persists around the pesticide factory in Bhopal – not simply from the gas leak, but from terrible practices during its operation, and which continues to spread,” he said.

“Prior to a vote on the merger, survivors wrote to the boards of Dow and Du Pont spelling out ongoing legal and reputational issues. They underestimate public memory; the power it holds to right historic injustice.” Dow has consistently maintained it has no connection to or responsibility for the tragedy, which campaigners say killed as many as 22,000 people and left more than half a million others injured.

“It shocks the conscience and defies any sense of moral or ethical norms that a company believes it can simply acquire all the assets of a company, and leave potential liabilities surrounding a case such as Bhopal.

“If legal, this can deprive victims of their right to access to a remedy for human rights abuses, and must be corrected to the extent it is allowed under the law.” Mr Tuncak will this week present a report to the UN Human Rights Council on general good practices in handling human rights and toxic chemicals.

The document criticises corporate structures – including parent-subsidiary relationships – that “prevent access to justice”, and calls on states to ensure acquisitions “do not prevent victims from accessing remedy for human rights abuses linked to toxic exposure”.

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The report reads: “Despite recognition that parent companies influence conduct within the corporate group, victims of corporate human rights abuses linked to toxic exposure can be left without justice or remedy because courts are reluctant to pierce the corporate veil.In fact, Winslet says, she was there for a fundraiser. It was extraordinary.”The pictures showed Di Caprio, 42 and Winslet, 41, arm in arm, wearing swimsuits in the tropical French beachside town of Saint-Tropez. ”Di Caprio and Winslet first starred opposite each other in the Oscar-winning blockbuster, Titanic.

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