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The vast majority of women’s online dating profiles are completely and utterly generic: Walks on the beach, shopping, I’m fabulous, I love my dog, no games, family and friends are important. Such generic text does not speak well of a woman’s sense of honest introspection. Bad photos tell men that the woman really isn’t making much of an effort. A list is not the stuff of romance unicorns and rainbows. Logic and reason are masculine qualities and a woman must communicate to such an audience with her profile. If a woman wants to use this example, she best do a serious inventory of what she offers a man. Here’s another huge mistake that a woman makes – she describes herself in terms of what she wants in a man. With this in mind, a good online dating profile must clearly spell out what a woman offers to her potential paramour and candidate for a committed relationship. In the long run, men hold the relationship power (most of them just don’t know it).We like a woman who minds her appearance but who also knows that being attractive is more about confidence than owning Manolo Blahniks.4. Obviously, men dig a woman with a kickin' body, but not if it means she spends more time in the gym than she does with us.Likewise, we'll forgive you for eating a salad on a first date but not every date for the rest of our lives.Something that young women find out really quickly is that when you start dating, all of a sudden you're supposed to have a role. Candace Bushnell Nothing defines humans better than their willingness to do irrational things in the pursuit of phenomenally unlikely payoffs.This is the principle behind lotteries, dating, and religion. Generally the guy I'm attracted to is the guy in the club with all the tattoos and nail polish.

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As for the rest of the profile, that advice will come later.Once we have it, though, it's nice to be reminded that you only have eyes for us.3. If you spend most of your time and energy on clothes and shoes, we may suspect you're a bit superficial.Can we not sit around in our underwear once in a while if we're feeling depressed? With that in mind, here are three other posts that directly addresses some of the dating challenges that women face: A Dating Exercise For Women, the Amazing Follow-up, and A Huge Dating Secret For Women. This is where the strong and independent fallacy takes shape.

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Enjoy] I read so many online dating profiles that I get dizzy. A woman wants a strong and independent man so she incorrectly believes that a man wants a strong and independent woman. Men want a feminine women but one who is resilient and self-reliant. As men are rational and logical creatures regarding dating, a woman should specifically state what she offers in terms of what a man actually wants.Nicole Scherzinger Our nation is built upon a history of immigration, dating back to our first pioneers, the Pilgrims.