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Just last week, Lyn lashed out at what's left of The New Seekers (Paul Layton is the sole original member still performing under the band name) who are in the middle of a 40-date tour playing everywhere from Worthing to Bognor Regis. Everyone knows that the talent of the group was Peter Doyle, Eve and I harmonised well, Marty was the looks.

She said: 'I have been unfortunate enough to see some of their videos on You Tube. It's ironic that Paul's the one who's ploughing away. You'd think he'd want to move on.' Oh dear, it doesn't sound very harmonious.

'The singing is naff - it's just not good, and their version of You Won't Find Another Fool Like Me is just the worst thing I've heard in my life.

After a couple of early personnel changes, Paul, Peter and Martin were joined in 1969 by Eve, then 26, and the next year by 21-year-old Lyn.

'We were just so grateful to be in a successful band we didn't really query it, but there should have been enough to go round, if people had just been a bit fairer.' The irony was that none of them particularly rated their biggest hit - which was based on a radio jingle and recorded in a rush over a weekend after listeners jammed the airwaves, clamouring to find out where they could buy it. So it was hilarious when they decided to make it into a single.

'I suppose it was a nice feelgood song, but seven million records!

You just wanted to finish the rehearsals to get to the parties.

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and the rows, oh my goodness, I'd never heard language like it.' But the best bit was the partying.

'Towards evening, Marty came down looking very happy and gave us all the details of his "day's work".' Peter Doyle and Lyn went on to have a romance - but he got so involved with drugs and booze that he once gave Lyn a black eye.

He was promptly asked to leave the band and was replaced by another Peter - Peter Oliver. 'I'm not a flitter, I like a steady relationship,' she explains today.

We were told exactly what to do, when to do it, how to do it, how to think, what to think, what to say,' says Lyn.

'We were very manipulated - I was a young 21, still scared if my mum shouted at me, so I just did as I was told.

Or the bright sparkling eyes, perky smiles and neatly pressed floral shirts. 'Granted, we weren't everybody's cup of tea - very middle of the road, very poppy.

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