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Indian art in its purest form is Yoga, a disciplined style of worship and self-restraint that may also be thought of as India's oldest indigenous "science." Shiva, the " Great God" of yogic practice, visually represented as "King of Dance" (Nataraja), is the most remarkable single symbol of divine powers ever created by Indian artistic genius.

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No chased work in silver or gold could possibly be finer.

From the exuberant carvings of the Hindu temples to the luminous wall-paintings of Ajanta, to the intriguing art of cave sites and sophisticated temple-building traditions, the Indian subcontinent offers an amazing visual feast. The conscious aim of Indian art is the intimation of Divinity.

But the Infinite and Unconditioned cannot be expressed in finite terms; and art, unable to portray Divinity unconditioned, and unwilling to be limited by the limitation of humanity, is in India dedicated to the representation of Gods, who to finite man represent comprehensible aspects of an infinite whole.

Indian wisdom has always extolled art as a key to the salvation of ultimate release sought by all good Hindus.

There is a holistic quality about Indian art, a unity of many forms and artistic experiences.I have one that was stuffed away in my attic and is almost exactly similar to this one on ebay: and I really would like to know if anyone can tell me a little about where or when it's from! * Gold-filled cased Lord Elgins were usually had gold-filed tops and backs, compared with stainless or base metal backs for plain Elgins." Well i have many elgins.

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