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26-Nov-2017 17:19

Leaving him was the hardest thing I had ever had to do at that point in my life. I made a pact with myself not to date at all until I found the man I would marry.I was finally ready to “kiss dating goodbye.” I was convinced that I was bad at dating, that I was a horrible girlfriend, that I was difficult, that I was tempted by sexual sin too easily, and that I had to beat my weakness into submission for the sake of my ministerial calling and love for Jesus.Instead, I will teach teens and adults alike the value of “sexual wisdom,” the heart of God as a parent, and the power of grace.We are wise not to get sexually involved with someone we are not married to because if it does not work out, the heart will show us no mercy and the healing process is painful and time consuming.

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It was ridiculous, but we could not stop fooling around. We both had our whole lives ahead of us, but we couldn’t simply walk away.

One day, I read This is what I had to do if I wanted peace; I had to run.