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Its mating-ritual qualities went no further than curtsies, bows, and tight-lipped smiles.

“I don’t want to sound cheesy, but it’s about love,” said Vezzoli after the opening, looking subdued himself in all black and a tiny diamond-cross necklace.

Women may have some excuse for coquetry; but a man has none.

When flirtation is a game that two can play at, equally adepts, it is one thing; but to allow an innocent girl to deceive herself, or, as is more commonly the case, to be deceived by the badinage of her companions, into the idea that you are her lover, and intend to propose marriage, is ungentlemanly.

Courtship is a time when a man desires to bring gifts, and it is quite right and fitting that he should do so within reasonable limits.

A girl of refined feelings does not like to accept valuable presents from a man at this period of their acquaintance.

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That was very intense and raw,” said the artist Rachel Feinstein.

The pleasure of her society is supposed to be a full return for the trouble and expense incurred in showing these small attentions.

No gentleman should permit a lady, whom he likes, but does not love, to mistake for one hour the nature and object of his intentions.

You should be ready to act the knight, if a lady in your company is attacked.

If she give offence, and that without reason, your office is that of a mediator. A bully would act otherwise; but it is absurd to get into a quarrel for the sake of maintaining that a person who is insolent has a right to be so, and that because she is of your company.You will show yourself, in acting thus, as ill-bred as she.