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19-Aug-2017 04:21

When I have suggested they take a hike and that I am sure they will find plenty of women willing to get into that type of discussion they have basically said they were glad I didn't respond to the question because they were sick of women that just wanted a sh*g and I had proven I wasn't one of them.Are things really that bad that decent guys are having to play a game of bluff to find out which women are just after a cheap fling.It never occurred to me that they thought I was hiding anything.Even when I had five or six pics up some people still suggested they were probably old and wanted me to go away and take a new one.If you are bored within a few mins of talking or they start with the whole really boring subject of their penis within mins of talking to you - you have to block them - but these people seem to create new profiles every time and come back to harass you!Yawn - I no longer accept chat requests from people I havent exchanged a few messages with x A couple of times I have accepted chat requests and they quickly turned into asking very personal details.You must: be shallow; think I am a fake; just be after a legover Or- I only have 1 picture of myself; I don't know how to upload pictures and someone else loaded that one for me*sigh*So now I usually don't bother***@OP I'd assume that it's someone taking the piss...

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I only have one pic,it isn't a full body shot,i'm not fat or a minger or hiding anything,i've met hundreds of people off the net on one to one dates,various single nights and meet ups from forums so don't really understand the "they've got to have a gallery of pictures" theory for them to be realhow many of you who insist on loads of pictures to view so you can "see what someone is really like" ever get eyed up in real life?

Although we’re highlighting Molly’s latest release today, The Dangers of Dating a Rebound Vampire, this is more of a celebration of beloved audios.